Product Order Info

- Made to order on a weekly cycle. Orders taken to manufacturing up until Sunday 11:59pm to commence manufacturing on Monday. example: if your order is placed on a Monday - Sunday (day 1-7), it will commence production the following Monday (day 8) and then be shipped the following Monday (day 15).

- Door to Door courier shipping. (based on State/Territory and Carton weight/ dimensions - 20-25kg 1200 x 1000 x 200mm).

- Machine development based on current models on a popularity/ market basis

- Installation required. Instructional installation video will be provided (2 people allow 1-2 hrs).

- Tinted and clear options are priced the same. The material is tinted and not a film application

- While polycarbonate has an impact strength of 250 times that of glass, it is sensitive to surface scratching. Make sure it is suitable to your work environment

- Polycarbonate is a flexible material and can vibrate. DiggerLid provides over 20 (depending on machine) mounting points with universal, tailored or magnetic brackets.

- Perfect to combo with our ‘Quicky’ cover. Not suitable for full machine covers or excavator operator enclosures due to material reaction and surface abrasion (PVC & polycarbonate)