Product Order Info

- Made to order on a weekly cycle. Orders taken to manufacturing up until Sunday 11:59pm to commence manufacturing on Monday. example: if your order is placed on a Monday - Sunday (day 1-7), it will commence production the following Monday (day 8) and then be shipped the following Monday (day 15).

- Door to Door courier shipping. For international shipping we use DHL Express. (We understand international air freight is expensive however it is the fastest and safest method to get your hands on this product!)
shipping is DAP terms.
Approx. courier pricing for each country:
- NZ $750 AUD
- UK/ EURO $1200 AUD
- USA/ CAN $1100 AUD
Pricing changes regularly, shipping price will be quoted upon inquiry

- Machine development based on current models on a popularity/ market basis

- Installation required. Instructional installation video will be provided (2 people allow 1-2 hrs).

- Tinted and clear options are priced the same. The material is tinted and not a film application

- While polycarbonate has an impact strength of 250 times that of glass, it is sensitive to surface scratching. Make sure it is suitable to your work environment

- Polycarbonate is a flexible material and can vibrate. DiggerLid provides over 20 (depending on machine) mounting points with universal, tailored or magnetic brackets.

- Perfect to combo with our ‘Quicky’ cover. Not suitable for full machine covers or excavator operator enclosures due to material reaction and surface abrasion (PVC & polycarbonate)