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Approx. shipping prices from Australia (DHL express DAP Terms. Pricing likely change from shipping price fluctuations & when exact address used for quote):

USA - $1020 AUD
Canada - $1050 AUD
UK - $1150 AUD
NZ - $650 AUD

Contact info@diggerlid.com or fill out the form on the contact page.

DiggerLid's machine and operator weather protection has stepped up a notch!
The DiggerShield is the TOP of our range enclosure providing maximum visibility, comfort and versatility.
Our new design is a permanent offering that will weather the storm, heat, rain and wind.

Owned, designed and MADE all here in Australia!

See all product information below

- Tailored fit (laser cut and folded to your machine models canopy profile) with 2 or 3 panels per specific machine. (Rear, right side and half panel on entry side where compatible)

- A semi-permanent and longer lasting offering to our standard enclosures

- Australian made, designed and owned (licenced under the AMC)

- Super tough 6mm polycarbonate sheets with CLEAR or TINT option for the same price!

- DIY installation (grab a mate)

- No drilling or modifications required. The kit features various external brackets that clamp to the canopy and only then bolt to your screens predrilled holes

- Suitable for machine float and transportation*

- Maximum visibility

- Great for company signage!

- Canopy still removable with this product installed for ultimate versatility and machine access

- Designed to allow full access to fuel refilling, engine bay and other serviceable components of the machine

- All required panels, hardware and accessories are included for installation (as a complete kit)

- Made to order on a weekly cycle. Orders taken to manufacturing up until Sunday 11:59pm to commence manufacturing on Monday. example: if your order is placed on a Monday - Sunday (day 1-7), it will commence production the following Monday (day 8) and then be shipped the following Monday (day 15).

- Door to Door courier shipping. For international shipping we use DHL Express. (We understand international air freight is expensive however it is the fastest and safest method to get your hands on this product!)
shipping is DAP terms.
Approx. courier pricing for each country:
- NZ $750 AUD
- UK/ EURO $1200 AUD
- USA/ CAN $1100 AUD
Pricing changes regularly, shipping price will be quoted upon inquiry

- Machine development based on current models on a popularity/ market basis

- Installation required. Instructional installation video will be provided (2 people allow 1-2 hrs).

- Tinted and clear options are priced the same. The material is tinted and not a film application

- While polycarbonate has an impact strength of 250 times that of glass, it is sensitive to surface scratching. Make sure it is suitable to your work environment

- Polycarbonate is a flexible material and can vibrate. DiggerLid provides over 20 (depending on machine) mounting points with universal, tailored or magnetic brackets.

- Perfect to combo with our ‘Quicky’ cover. Not suitable for full machine covers or excavator operator enclosures due to material reaction and surface abrasion (PVC & polycarbonate)

This screen kit is not a full cabin. The screen kit is intended for weather protection and comfort only. The screen kit is not a safety screen and does not meet any standard for forestry, Australian standard or impact resistance. The screen kit does not seal to or weatherproof all of the machine and parts of the machine and operator may still be exposed to the elements (parts that are already designed by the machine manufacturer to be exposed). The product is UV stable but is not intended to reduce the UV exposure to the user or machine.
*Towing and transport should only be done with all provided brackets installed correctly and you must not exceed 100 km/h. It is also the customers responsibility to make sure the products are fastened, secured and safe for towing and transport. It is the customers responsibility to ensure their vehicle is suitable and able for transportation.

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Why Diggerlid

DiggerLid provide a range of simple products designed to protect the machine and operator from the weather. 


Cheers to the team at Digger Lid for the fast delivery of 6 sets of these caps to keep some of our gear clean & protected.

Hello Hire Australia

To be completely honest, it’s a great product and the quality is unreal for the price.

In an open backyard it’s been perfect to stay dry and out of the wind.

I personally had to remove it in recent times because of some tight access jobs and has a few blind spots as expected but it will be going back on.

Bradley Deed from Deedy;s Diggers

Customer Reviews

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