Hydraulic Coupling Cap Set

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Cover your auxiliary attachment couplings with these flexible & durable rubbery caps. peace of mind stopping dust and Mud getting in your fittings.

designed for half Inch, flat face coupling size.

Each set comes with:
1 x male & 1 x female cap

Why choose Diggerlid

Digger Lid provide a range of simple products designed to protect your machine and operator from the weather. 


Cheers to the team at Digger Lid for the fast delivery of 6 sets of these caps to keep some of our gear clean & protected.

Hello Hire Australia

To be completely honest, it’s a great product and the quality is unreal for the price.

In an open backyard it’s been perfect to stay dry and out of the wind.

I personally had to remove it in recent times because of some tight access jobs and has a few blind spots as expected but it will be going back on.

Bradley Deed from Deedy;s Diggers