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The all new DiggerLid mini loader cover!

Universal fit for most stand-on tracked/ wheeled mini loaders. Perfect to cover the essential parts of your machine. Quick and easy to chuck on for quick showers or overnight storage.

Protects all electrical components, small levers and mechanisms which are exposed and vulnerable to all types of weather. 

Great for keeping those leg pads dry which otherwise soak your pants all day!


- Heavy duty PVC coated waterproof 'Oxford' canvas

- 4 x Heavy duty Occys provided for securing

- compact & lightweight

 Fits most mini loaders:
Kanga 6 series, Kanga kid, Toro, Ditch witch, Dingo, Clark (Bobcat) & more!

Predecessors sold out FAST

email for model fitting

- Heavy Duty PVC coated material

- Thick and heavy resin zippers 

- Brass eyelet tie points for securing

- adjustable straps for making a snug fit and stop flapping.

PERFECT FOR HIRE COMPANIES! - To be able to provide a customer with a dry machine in the middle of winter is an absolute winner. This level of satisfaction invites repeat customers!

The life prolonging value that the Digger Lid provides for your machines controls and accessories makes purchasing an easy decision.

Why choose Diggerlid

Digger Lid provide a range of simple products designed to protect your machine and operator from the weather. 


Cheers to the team at Digger Lid for the fast delivery of 6 sets of these caps to keep some of our gear clean & protected.

Hello Hire Australia

To be completely honest, it’s a great product and the quality is unreal for the price.

In an open backyard it’s been perfect to stay dry and out of the wind.

I personally had to remove it in recent times because of some tight access jobs and has a few blind spots as expected but it will be going back on.

Bradley Deed from Deedy;s Diggers