As tradies, we understand the troubles of wet weather excavation and the ordinary feeling of wet and windy days on the machine. Digger Lid provide a range of simple products designed to protect your machine and operator from the weather. 

Our growing range of universal sizes fit over 60 small excavators and counting. Motivation is key, so with a dry seat and warm cabin, you're already in front. For hire companies, this is the easiest way to satisfy a customer and invite repeat business over competition.


Digger Lid
Quicky Cover
Universal fit for excavator, tracked loader and skid steer seats / controls. Perfect to cover the essential parts of your machine.
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Cheers to the team at Digger Lid for the fast delivery of 6 sets of these caps to keep some of our gear clean & protected.

Hello Hire Australia

To be completely honest, it’s a great product and the quality is unreal for the price.

In an open backyard it’s been perfect to stay dry and out of the wind.

I personally had to remove it in recent times because of some tight access jobs and has a few blind spots as expected but it will be going back on.

Bradley Deed - Deedy's Diggers

We absolutely love Digger Lid!! We have a Kubota U17-3 and it fits perfectly. It also stops the seat from being wet in the cold morning and massively reduces the wind chill.... only problem is that it makes me not want to get out of my machine - couldn’t recommend Digger Lid more highly!

Chris Bissels

I spend hrs just trying to get suppliers to answer an email and reply. 2 min after I sent an inquiry I got an email back. 10 min later completed purchase. 2 hrs later had shipping info. 6 days later arrived in Florida from Australia. In this Covid craze at least some companies are still making it happen. Great job!

Adam Cook

What a fantastic thing, cover fits great, can’t wait to get out of lockdown so I can give it a proper go.

Mark Reid